Please help to earthquake victime

P1010004On Saturday, April 25 and Tuesday, May  12, 2015 an earthquake of 7.6 and 6.9 magnitude ritcher scale hit Nepal affected 32 districts and its people lived in especially Central region. More than 8500 people died, 16000 people were injured and more than 250000 homes,school buildings and properties were destroyed. We, Helping friends Nepal, a NGO in Nepal very little support and donations to those people who lost their homes and family members. Yet our support was very little. People who suffered were trying to return in normal life again affected badly after 18 days an earthquake measured 6.8 mag ritcher scale again hit Nepal in the border of Dolakha and Sindhupalchok district again affected lives of people lived in 38 districts. After shock has not stopped yet. Life is again disturbed and there are many deaths and more devastations.

In such situation Helping Friends Nepal aimed to help those people and families especially those children who lost their school, friends and families by supporting them to continue their education, providing them education materials, school fees and to rebuilt school. For such a great mission and to change our pure aim into reality we need supports and helping hands from the people around the globe. We would be happy to receive any kind of support for children’s better future and their education. Help us, support us , donate us, you can send your donations in this following address


Name of the bank:- NEPAL BANK LIMITED.

Account no.:-00200100525160000001.

Name of the benificer :HELPING FRIENDS NEPAL


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