Newslatter of HFN 2016

5th Annual Educational Scholarship Program

On April 16, 2016 Helping Friends Nepal organized its 5th Annual Educational Scholarship Program on the premises of Helping Friends Nepal office, Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal. President of HFN, Mr. Shibalal Giri inaugurated the program with his welcome speech. He thanked all the participants who attended the program. Most of the participants were children guardian to whom HFN has been providing educational scholarship from last four years.

On his speech, Mr. Giri described the history of the organization, challenges that the organization experienced during last four years. He further added that how HFN members collected the donation from those people who came to visit Nepal, how they did not believe the supporting activities of HFN, and how it was hard to collect the money from the donor. He further added that last year on 2015 HFN have provided educational scholarship to 11 children belong to Mountain Porter’s family residing in the village of Ramche of Rasuwa, Kapan of Kathmandu,  and Jhapa in eastern Terai.

For the year 2016, Helping Friend’s Nepal educational scholarship program will be benefiting 25 numbers of children- maximum numbers of scholarship for the first time in the history of Helping Friends Nepal. Many of the children lost their house and their parents who were Mountains Trekking Porter have lost their job because of the uncertainty in the tourism industry before and after the terrible earthquake of April 2015. While announcing the scholarship for the children Mr. Giri shared his pleasure with his words that in spite of such terrible condition Mr. Giri and HFN members hard work; finally able to collect the fund from the respected donors who love Nepal and Nepalese people.

Sports materials, stationary goods and water tank handover program at Shree Setibhumi Secondary School Ramche, Rasuwa

Mr. Giri also described the support programs that Helping Friends Nepal held after the earthquake during the fiscal year 2015/2016. The program includes Sports Materials Donation program to three public secondary; two schools of eastern hilly district of Khotang and one school of Ramche, Rasuwa. He further added that after receiving the sports materials, Shree Kalika secondary School, Bakachol, Khotang won the regional school volleyball competition. HFN also distributed the support of sports materials like volleyball, net, football, badminton, cork, chess, and checkers were provided to two more schools Shree Jalapa Secondary School and Shree Kalika Secondary School Bakachol, Khotang are public school in Bakachol , Khotang and Shree Seti Bhumi Secondary School, Ramche, Rasuwa. He pinpointed that the terrible earthquake have destroyed the physical infrastructure in Ramche Rasuwa and that it was very difficult for the school children to drink water as the water reservoir was also destroyed.  On such conditions, the support of water reservoir of 1000 liter capacity to the Seti Bhumi Secondary School in Ramche   benefited the  whole school children.

sports hp
Sports materials handover program at Shree Kalika Secondary School Bakachol, Khotang

Also, the support of educational and sports materials brought the hope and smile in children face who badly suffered from natural disaster. More than 25 numbers of participants were presented in the program including member of HFN Secretary Mr. Tulsi Ram Puri, Mr. Kamal Puri, Ms. Bhawana Giri, Mr Bhuparaj Giri, and Mr. Subhadin.Gautam. At last, Mr. Giri requested all the family members to give more priority for girls’ education. HFN educational scholarship is specially targeted to the girls because of our Nepalese tradition, which have overshadowed the importance of girls in many places.

With the help of Mr. Tulsi Ram Puri and Kamal Bahadur Giri, Mr, Giri handover educational scholarship support to the guardians. During the ceremony, HFN family also welcomed its 25 new members who took the membership from HFN, Nepal. There was a short break of 20 minutes for the refreshment program. The program finally ended up with answering questions of the new members, photo session, and thanksgiving note by Mr. Tulsi Ram Puri to all the participants and family members who attended the program.


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