7th AMG

On 23rd December of May 2018, Sunday, Helping Friends Nepal’s team organized its 7th Annual General Meeting Program at Kapan-Budahnilkantha, Kathmandu. The program was inaugurated by the speech of HFN president Mr. Shibalal Giri.  Mr. Tualsi Ram Puri, secretary of HFN welcomed Chief Guest of the program Mr. Tika Ram Puri, President MBWSN and ex-president of DNC, other main guests Mr. Hemkaji Puri, Mr. Muga Dhan Puri, and general members of Helping Friends Nepal family. Mr. Tika Ram Puri also presented the progress report and overall program organized by Helping Friends Nepal Team. All of the participants in AGM discussed the agendas and activities done by of Helping Friends Nepal Team. The Agenda of the meetings are,

  1. Overall progress of the scholarship awarded Children and their current educational status.
  2. Discussion on the possibility to increase the number of children for the physical year 2019.
  3. Date for the General Assembly Election to change the current position of members of Helping Friends Nepal.

Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Tika Ram Puri in his speech congratulated the Helping Friends Nepal Family team for the social activities and requested all the children family members to give maximum support and guidance for the education of their children. Mr. Hemkaji Puri and Mr. Muga Dhan Puri remarked HFN members with their thankful speech and gave their best wishes for the future progress of Helping Friends Nepal. There were more than 30 people with scholarship awarded children family participated in this meeting. The program was wrapped by the announcement of refreshments and Photo session of members by the HFN members Mr, Mankumar Puri and Mr. Kamal Giri.


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