Nepal is now officially the poorest country in Asia. The government has only been active in the field of education for the past 55 years. Before that, the status quo thought it unwise to educate the masses. Even today, its focus is still on school buildings. Teachers, teaching materials and the quality of teaching are for the most part outside the scope of the government’s policy.
In Nepal, education in the rural areas still and foremost takes the form of rote learning. The teacher talks (with a load voice, usually to scream therefore better describes the vocal activity of a Nepali teacher) and the students listen and repeat. The teachers try to drill knowledge into young brains, with the help of a bamboo stick or heavy ruler if needed. There is no learning through playing or learning through doing; no activities, neither single nor in small groups; no stage of practicing or producing anything with the knowledge acquired.

Nepal is the poorest country in Asia and most children do not get enough to eat, let alone enough of the nutrients that they need. At home they usually get a meager portion of vegetables, and they very rarely eat more than one piece of fruit a week, if even that. The lack of vitamins is obvious. Moreover, many children do not bring an adequate lunch to school and we see children having barely a handful of popcorn to get them through a day at school that lasts from 10 am to 4 pm. Let’s not forget that some of these children have to walk half an hour or more before to even arrive at school.

Helping Friends Nepal is trying to add some educational brisk for Nepali Educational sector.  Our aims or our objectives are so sacred. Please Join with us now for this holly and great  job.